How to enjoy free breakfast every day of your vacation

As a hotelgeek by nature and a former Front Office Manager for an international hotel group I just can’t resist the charm of an upscale hotel with impeccable surroundings and excellent client service. And when you travel as much as the CosmopoliClan does then you know that this level of indulgence doesn’t come cheap. Luckily there are some ways to lower your hotel bill, some of which are not that difficult to benefit from. Enjoying free breakfast is one of them.

Image of two little girls enjoying their free breakfast while hugging on the deck of the Curio Madison Beach Resort (CT), with the ocean and some kayak boats behind them

How much can you save with free breakfast?

We love a sumptuous breakfast as it allows us to start off the vacation day full of energy and discuss our plans for the day. Our kids’ health is important to us so the ideal CosmopoliClan breakfast is one packed with fruits, nuts and seeds leaving some room for a sweet savor at the end. So booking a room with breakfast is pretty obvious for us. With breakfast prices varying around €20 per person it does however drastically increase the nightly rate. Most hotels offer free breakfast to young children but some might charge half of the going rate. So on average for a family with 2 kids you might be looking at €50 per night.
But what if you could eliminate this extra cost without compromising on the actual breakfast, even in some of the most luxurious hotels out there?

Where you can score free breakfast

Well, you can! It won’t cost you any money but just a little bit of your time and maybe some loyalty. Or in other words: be prepared to sign up for the hotel’s loyalty program. Depending on the hotel group, you’ll also need to spend at least a night yearly in one of the properties. Some examples:

Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Small Luxury Hotels of the World allows you to benefit from free breakfast after signing up for their programe and spending only one night in one of their properties so you become a Invited member. All you need to do in order to keep this perk is complete 1 stay every year.

Leading Hotels of the World

Leading Hotels of the World is yet another luxury hotel collection with properties all over the world. Leaders club membership is available for the annual cost of $150 and also here, free breakfast is one of the privileges offered. I did promise free breakfast so technically this membership should not have been included in this post… unless there’s a promotion of course! Oh yes, the CosmopoliClan scored a free year of Leaders Club membership! The Biltmore, the iconic Leading Hotel in Miami, has been giving away a limited number of memberships. All you needed to do is complete an application form and send it by e-mail.

Update: Unfortunately, this offer is no longer available. This post will be updated as soon as a new free membership is being offered.

Hilton Honors

Hilton Honors lets you enjoy free breakfast as soon as you reach Gold status. And yes, this requires somewhat more loyalty then before-mentioned programs. But you should know that Hilton regularly offers fast-track promotions allowing you to achieve this level with only a few nights. We reached Gold with only 3 nights in the spring of 2015. Even in Europe, some of the hotels of the Hilton group offer rates that are relatively low. Now we benefit from free breakfast (and more since we reached status Diamond this year!). We use it extensively so the cost of the 3 required stays was quickly recovered.

CosmopoliClan’s savings on our next trip

During our upcoming USA trip, we’ll be exploring New York City, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts so you’ll have a lot more reading to do on this blog soon. This makes for a total count of about 40 nights, all of which spent in hotels, no exceptions. We’ll be enjoying free breakfast on over 30 of those nights. So, when multiplied by €50 (our earlier estimation) you could say that we’ll be saving about €1500, if not more, on breakfast alone. Apart from that, we’ll be enjoying even more benefits because of the loyalty programs. We’re talking preferred rates, free upgrades and late check-out.

So don’t hesitate: sign up for one of the programs mentioned or better yet, for all of them. And make sure to keep us in the loop on the savings you and your family made on breakfast during your next getaway!


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