Keukenhof Gardens and more tulip fields in The Netherlands

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When is the Dutch tulip season?

Weather is a deciding factor

Best time to visit is from mid-April to the first days of May

Check the flower forecast for blooming updates

Where to see tulips in The Netherlands?

Keukenhof Gardens a.k.a. Amsterdam Tulip Gardens

Flower strip near Keukenhof Gardens

Other tulips fields in the north and west of Holland

Keukenhof Gardens

79-acre garden in the town of Lisse near Amsterdam

Many transportation options (including the Tulip Express buses)

Plan a visit to Keukenhof Gardens

2023 opening dates: Thursday 23 March up to and incl. Sunday 14 May

2023 opening times: From 8 am to 7.30 pm

Time slot tickets cost €19

Inside Keukenhof Gardens

Self-guided walking tour

Whisper boat

Windmill visit

Flower and art exhibits

Various eateries and picnic areas

Outside Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Castle

Black Tulip Museum

Bike tour to explore tulip fields in the Lisse area known as the Flower Strip

Tulip-picking gardens

Places to stay near Keukenhof Gardens

Hotel Restaurant de Engel

Wellness Bed & Breakfast Pergamo

Bed & Breakfast Lodge & Loft

Boutique Suites Lisse

Other tulip regions in The Netherlands



Head of Holland


Other tulip fields in The Netherlands

Many can be seen from the road, free of charge

Tulip-picking gardens

Local tulip festivals

Perfect for a road trip!


Never step foot on a tulip field without the owner's permission!

Fun facts about tulips

Tulips aren’t Dutch but were imported from the Ottoman Empire

Tulips exist in all colors except for two: blue & black

For farmers, the bulbs are more precious than the flower