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After our visit last year, we shared some of our favorite places to visit in Malta. As you may remember, we were surprised to find that sandy beaches are pretty scarce in this Mediterranean paradise. Yet, there are some gorgeous beaches to be found… if you know where to look. So, we turned to an insider. Ed Lansink, tourist-turned-expat and blogger at Malta Uncovered, the online travel guide, knows every corner of the islands. No better guest author to show us around some of the best beaches in Malta. Time to whip out your beach vacation packing list.


Summer has finally arrived in Malta, and that means more sunshine and plenty of time to spend outdoors. If you’re a first-time traveler on the island, you’ll be surprised with what it could offer, especially during this time of the year. Aside from The Three Cities — Birgu (Vittoriosa), Senglea (Isla) and Bormla (Cospicua) – there are tons of other world-famous attractions that you can visit here that will definitely give you that memorable travel experience.

If you want to have that perfect summer escapade, you might want to consider visiting some of the best beaches in Malta. From crystal blue water and fine sandy shore to stunning rock formations, there’s definitely no shortage of natural beauty in this small paradise. Check out some of these sandy beaches in Malta and be sure to include them on your Malta itinerary next time you visit.

Where are the best beaches in Malta – Map

Golden Bay

This tropical haven is considered one of the best beaches in Malta. Located on the edge of Mellieħa, this light cream-colored sandy beach attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. In fact, the Golden Bay tends to be fairly busy, especially during summer when the sun is glistening, and the water is too tempting to resist.

Gnejna Bay offers one of the best beaches in Malta

Aside from its crystal blue water, this beach also offers a stunning view of the sunset, perfect for those romantic strolls. If you’re into sports and physical activities, there are tons of water recreation to do here, such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, water skiing, and more.

Safety is never an issue as well. With multiple lifeguards patrolling the beach round the clock and a flag system, guests are sure to be safe every time they head out for a swim.

Ramla I-Hamra

Also known as Ramla Bay, this beach is hailed as the prettiest beach on Gozo Island. In fact, it is even considered one of the best sandy beaches in Malta as a whole. Tourists and locals alike couldn’t help but notice its unusually red sand, which accentuates the wild waves of the crystal blue water. It even boasts a breathtaking landscape, complete with rocky cliffs and unspoiled nature.

Ramla I-Hamra or Ramla Bay on Gozo island offers one of the best beaches in Malta

Ramla Bay is also home to the famous statue of Virgin Mary, which was installed in 1881 to commemorate a local shipwreck. Of course, your beach getaway will never be complete without water activities.  Some of the things you can do here include snorkeling, diving, and hiking to Calypso’s Cave.

Mellieha Bay

Also popularly known as Ghadira Bay, this beach features an 800-meter stretch of golden sand that matches its pristine water. In fact, it is even considered as one of the longest sandy beaches in Malta. Mellieha Bay is divided into three individual beaches, and each has its own unique qualities.

There are tons of activities you can enjoy on these sections, depending on your preference. One section offers you a livelier vibe, while the other side is perfect for those who prefer a calmer and relaxing ambiance. With so many options to choose from, Mellieha Bay easily becomes one of the best beaches in Malta.

Blue Lagoon

Located in the tiny island of Comino, the Blue Lagoon boasts cyan-hued beach and remote island setting. While its white sand beach is relatively smaller compared to others, it is still considered as one of the most stunning sandy beaches in Malta. In fact, the Blue Lagoon has been featured in many movies, including Troy and Swept Away.

Blue Lagoon on Comino Island is one of the best beaches in Malta

Some activities you can enjoy here include windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming. You can even try their famous tour boats and private yachts.

Dwejra Bay

Also considered as one of the most unique beaches in Malta, Dwejra Bay boasts stunning natural landmarks. Located just outside San Lawrenz, Gozo, this protected heritage site features breathtaking views of Gozo’s beautiful rock formations, the Inland Sea, and Fungus Rock.
Guests can also enjoy its natural pools created by erosions of the rocks and multiple dive spots famous for its abundant marine life. If you opt for a more relaxing time, you can hike around the beach and find yourself a quiet sunbathing spot.

St. George’s Bay

This place is not your typical nature-focused beach. Located in Paceville, the entertainment and party capital of the country, this beach offers its guests with the combination of beauty and convenience from its nearby establishments.

With its reputation as the first beach to be recognized as a Blue Flag, it easily becomes one of the best beaches in Malta.

Its unique beauty is perfect for younger guests, who prefer to be close to bars, restaurants, shopping centers and cinemas.

Ġnejna Bay

One of the best beaches in Malta in terms of serenity is the Ġnejna Bay. Situated near the rural village of Mġarr, this small beach is the perfect place if you want to ditch the bustling summer scene in other bigger locations.

Ġnejna Bay is most notable for its beautiful clay slopes, limestone cliffs, as well as freshwater springs. There is also an area in the beach where guests can hang out completely nude. However, this practice is not warmly welcomed by locals and is considered illegal in the country.

Golden Bay offers one of the best beaches in Malta

What’s your favorite beach?

These are just a few of the best Malta beaches that you should definitely visit. Now that you know where to find the softest sandy beaches and ultimate swimming spots in the most crystal clear waters, you can start crafting your Malta travel plans. If you want to experience summer like never before, go ahead and book that flight to Europe’s most marvellous tropical paradise. With so many stunning places to visit in Malta, you’ll have the trip of a lifetime. Since beach resorts are pretty hard to find on the islands, we’ve created a separate article with our favorite 5 star hotels in Malta. You’ll see that one resort has a prime location in one of these beautiful bays.

Malta has some gorgeous beaches... if you know where to look. Here's our insider's guide to Malta's hidden beaches. #malta #beach #beaches

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