30x Hawaii gifts you’ll want to keep for yourself

Are you looking for that perfect gift from Hawaii? You’ll find it here! The islands have cast a spell on us and we can’t wait to plan another trip to Hawaii to relax at one of the gorgeous beachfront accommodations in Maui, experience some of the exciting Big Island activities, explore the Road to Hana, or overlook the tropical landscape from the lanai of our one-of-a-kind Airbnb.

The Hawaiian gifts in this article are guaranteed to fuel anticipation of a first visit or to evoke memories of a previous trip to the Hawaiian islands with kids. It’s a collection that consists of both items that are made in Hawaii and Hawaii-themed gifts that will put a smile on your face.

Are you ready to discover the perfect gifts for someone who loves Hawaii? Let’s dive in! Here’s our selection of gifts for Hawaii lovers.

Collection of Hawaiian gifts, cosmetic bag with Aloha lettering, wooden tiki statue, pineapple tin and orchids
Waving palms against a pink and orange sunrise backdrop

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Hawaii gift ideas for him and her

Shopping for Hawaiian souvenirs and gifts is one of our favorite activities when visiting Hawaii (or any destination really). Take it from us, bringing an additional suitcase is no luxury. There are so many amazing Hawaiian souvenirs that you’ll want to bring home!

Some of the best places to buy gifts from Hawaii are the ABC stores, Hilo Hatties and Aloha Swap Meet. Or better yet, head to the specialized Hawaiian gift shops that dot the islands for handmade or unique gifts from Hawaii.

However, since Hawaii isn’t exactly around the corner (oh how I wish it was!), it can be just as effective to buy your Hawaiian gifts online. That’s where this Hawaii gift guide comes in.

1. Aloha shirt

A Hawaiian shirt is the number one Hawaii gift for men. Not only does this aloha wear item look tropical and uplifting, it feels light and breezy too. Did you know that the first aloha shirts didn’t depict Hawaiian themes but rather Japanese themes?

Whether you prefer outrigger canoes, palm trees, surfboard, ukuleles, botanical prints or surfers, there’s a pattern for every occasion.

Hawaiian shirts are so versatile that they can be paired with just about every kind of shorts, pants and shoes. This versatility make these shirts the perfect Hawaii gifts for him.

Aloha shirts from Hilo Hattie are a Hawaii tradition since 1963 and make great and unique Hawaiian gifts for him

Or check out these similar items that caught our eye:

2. Beach towel

This Hawaiian themed beach towel not only looks heavenly but also feels really soft. Plus, it’s entirely made from recycled material that’s super absorbent and dries much faster than a normal cotton towel.

This compact towel is your perfect travel companion thanks to its lightweight fabric and the handy pouch that comes with it. Plus, it’s reversible: one side has stripes and a pattern and the other side has stripes only. So, basically you get two towels for the price of one making this the perfect item to pack for a beach vacation.

These striped towels with botanical design make awesome Hawaiian gift ideas and is one of the packing essentials Hawaii travel

Or check out similar beach towels that make amazing gifts for someone going to Hawaii:

3. Hawaiian jewelry

When fresh flower leis are not an option, then this is the next best thing. Nothing says I love you like a unique, hand-made piece of Hawaiian jewelry.

Surprise your loved one or celebrate your mom or daughter with a gorgeous Hawaiian necklace, an elegant bracelet or this pair of dazzling earrings.

Each and every one of these made in Hawaii gifts for her are one-of-a-kind creations, like these fabulous earrings that combine mother oh pearls, freshwater pearls, white opals and rainbow moonstones.

These earrings made of local pearls make wonderful Hawaiian gifts for her
Courtesy of LuluMadeWithAloha

Or check out these other amazing jewels that make great Hawaii gifts for her:

4. Macadamia nuts

This Hawaiian delicacy is mostly grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. A crunchy macadamia nut is jam-packed with heart-healthy fats, flavonoids, antioxidants and minerals.

You can find macadamia nuts in ABC stores throughout the Hawaiian islands and in the airport gift shops. But luckily, they’re also available online.

Choose from a selection of mouth-watering flavors such as honey, wasabi, bbq, onion and garlic or go for the finger-licking chocolate covered macadamia nut version. This is a great gift from Hawaii to get the party started.

A pack of Mauna Loa flavored macadamia nuts, chocolate covered or not, is one of the most popular things to buy in Hawaii gift shops and ABC stores

5. Wooden surfboard art

Recreate the Hawaiian surf vibe at home with these colorful, hand-painted surfboards. These little artworks are the perfect eye-catchers in every room.

Hang them individually or use them as a cheerful addition to your photo wall. They’re not waterproof but do withstand humidity, so you can use them to brighten up your covered porch as well.

Colorful handpainted wooden surfboard artwork
Courtesy of ArtopiaHawaii

6. Maui Gold pineapple

Gift the taste of the islands with a delicious farm-to-door pineapple. Not just any pineapple, of course, but the renowned Maui Gold. This variety is known for its extra sweet flavor and low acidity.

Order your pineapple directly from the plantation, located on the slopes of the Haleakala volcano, and you’re guaranteed to receive a fresh product of excellent quality.

A word of caution: Don’t order a Maui Gold pineapple from Amazon since those seem to be of questionable origin.

Maui Gold pineapples are a popular item in Maui gift baskets
Courtesy of Maui Gold

7. Hawaiian Cookbook

New flavors and recipes make every creative cook’s heart pound in excitement. This Hawaiian cookbook bundles the most mouth-watering recipes of the islands: mac salad, lomi salmon, pickled mango, haupia pie and so much more.

The Aloha Kitchen will bring the sweet and tropical flavors of Hawaii to the home of your favorite cook.

The Aloha cookbook features mouth-watering Hawaiian recipes

Psst… it combines perfectly with these items:

8. Adopt a Hawaiian Sea Turtle

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box gift from Hawaii for someone who cares greatly about the environment, then the Maui Ocean Center has the perfect solution.

Their marine institute offers you the chance to adopt a honu (or Hawaiian green sea turtle) allowing you to support the environment in a fun and engaging way.

The program comes with an adoption certificate, some goodies and personal access to an interactive website that allows you to track your adopted turtle on a map.

Honu or sea turtle swimming in the reef he calls home Hawaiian islands

A similar programs that also come with an adoption certificate but no interactive map is the Hawaii Wildlife Fund’s Adopt a Humpack Whale program.

9. Surf shack sign

Looking for that perfect Hawaii gift idea for a surfer at heart? Then this surf shack sign is exactly what to get them. This wooden sign is hand-painted in a gorgeous teal color. The raw rope completes the vintage design. Your surfer-friend will love this unique item.

A wooden surf shack sign is one of the coolest Hawaiian souvenir ideas
Courtesy of ArtopiaHawaii

10. Hawaiian license plate

Yep, it’s a classic but then again, it is for a reason (looking at you, cute little rainbow). Spread your love for the islands wherever you go with this qualitative aloha licence plate.

Licence plate is one of the best Hawaii souvenirs ideas
Image coutesy of PixxelCreation

Complete the look with these items:

11. Shave ice maker

Every Hawaii-loving family loves the taste of a shave ice. And the best thing is that you don’t need to travel to Hawaii to experience this unique treat. Thanks to this Hawaiian shave ice maker you can recreate this refreshing melt-in-your-mouth delights at home.

Shave ice maker is one of the most unique gifts from Hawaii

12. Hawaiian coffee

No better day to start the day than with an aromatic cup of coffee. Hawaiian coffees thank their unique taste to the exceptional growing conditions. Each island’s coffee comes with its own delicate flavor.

Kona coffee is renowned for its rich taste with a subtle sweet and fruity notes. It’s also one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Kauai coffee is a bit softer and less acidic.

Whichever type you prefer, this is a gift from Hawaii that takes one to Hawaii with every sip.

Koa coffee is a type of Kona coffee and a classic in any Hawaiian gift basket
Courtesy of Koa Coffee

Or check out these other exquisite Hawaiian coffee brands for that perfect cup:

13. Hawaiian skincare

The fertile growing conditions of the Hawaiian islands result in an incredible variety of nutrient-rich flowers, plants, nuts and seeds. Ingredients such as kukui nut oil, hibiscus, taro and ferns have been part of Hawaiian skincare for centuries.

Let your skin benefit from the abundance of the rich, natural elements that can be found in Hawaiian skincare products.

Facial masks such as the Leahlani Mermaid Mask are a treat for the skin and a feast for the senses. And psst… these make perfect mother’s day gifts too!

Mermaid skincare face mask
Courtesy of The Detox Market

Or check out some similar skin-pampering made-in-Hawaii gift ideas:

14. Wall art

Brighten up your dull walls with some colorful Hawaiian wall art. With such a wide variety of themes and styles to choose from – from surfers to honu and from sleek to vintage – you’re guaranteed to find one that aligns with your personal taste or with that of the recipient.

Tropical wall art makes the best Hawaiian souvenirs
Courtesy of DarmaDeco

Or check out these other cool designs:

15. Hawaiian quilt

For centuries, Hawaiians have been depicting their mesmerizing natural surroundings in quilts. They usually combine a neutral background with a vibrant, symmetric applique pattern.

In many Hawaiian households, a quilt is started by one generation and passed on to the next, making it a cherished family heirloom.

It’s a Hawaiian tradition that any mother or grandmother will value, making this handmade quilt the perfect traditional Hawaiian gift for her.

Quilt is one of the most traditional Hawaiian gifts for her
Courtesy of MoanaQuilts

16. Plumeria-scented candle

Plumeria lovers, rejoice! This candle will your home with the sweet scent of your favorite Hawaiian flower. And it doesn’t just smell good, it looks really stylish too.

Plus, it’s made of soy wax instead of paraffin wax, for a cleaner and longer-lasting experience.

A plumeria scented candle is one of the best souvenirs from Hawaii

Looking for a more authentic touch? Then check out these soy candles that come in a real coconut shell.

17. Pineapple-shaped cookies

Every sweet-toothed fan of Hawaii is familiar with the Honolulu Cookie Company’s mouth-watering assortment of pineapple-shaped shortbread cookies.

These little beauties come in tempting flavors such as mango macadamia, white chocolate coconut and Kona coffee.

The gorgeous gift boxes and signature pineapple-shaped boxes are just as irresistible as the shortbread cookies themselves.

Bring home an assortment of flavors and packages of Honolulu Cookies

18. Book about Hawaii

Learning more about Hawaiian history will help you to understand Hawaiian culture and values. Moloka’i by Alan Brennert is a compelling historic novel that will do just that. Complete the picture with this cute Hawaiian bookmark.

Moloka'i book is a fictional story centered around Hawaiian historic events and makes for a perfect Hawaii gift

Or check out these other acclaimed books in various genres that make excellent Hawaiian gifts:

19. Jigsaw puzzel

Looking for that perfect Hawaii gift for a jigsaw puzzle fan or an out-of-the-box present to bring to a housewarming party?

This fabulous, double-sided Gray Malin jigsaw puzzle features two amazing aerial shots of Hawaiian beach scenes. Not only is it fun to put together, the stylish design will add a glamorous touch to every interior.

Jigsaw puzzle one of the best gifts Hawaii

20. Maui Jim sunglasses

Maui Jim sunglasses are known for their stylish yet functional design combined with excellent clarity. This Hawaiian icon has been around for decades and still manages to stay on-brand.

Take your pick from a wide range of lens colors with tempting names such as Maui Sunrise and Blue Hawaii.

Maui Jim sunglasses Maui sunrise
Courtesy of Maui Jim

21. Ring planner

The amazing tropical design of this ring planner has Hawaii written all over it. It can be fully customized, from the color of the binder rings and the dividers to the insert. It’s a wonderful gift for someone going to Hawaii.

In addition, you can add a personalization to the soft touch hardcover which makes it the perfect Hawaii-themed gift for friends and family.

Ring planner with tropical cover is a perfect gift for someone going to hawaii
Courtesy of BeMyNote

22. Pineapple-shaped bowl

This wooden bowl will jazz up every tiki-themed party. It’s perfect for serving Hawaiian treats such as macadamia nuts or macadamia popcorn crunch. Or perhaps some of that delicious coconut candy that stocked up on while exploring the Road to Hana?

Either way, this pineapple bowl will add a touch of Hawaii to every party.

Pineapple-shaped snack bowl during a beach picnic
Courtesy of SevenIsland

Other fun Hawaii gift gadgets to complete the pineapple party theme:

23. Hawaiian themed escape room

Game night never looked so tropical thanks to this Hawaiian escape room adventure. This makes for a really fun and out-of-the box Hawaii gift that’s guaranteed to get the party started.

The game comes with a luau menu and a tropical-sounding playlist to set the mood. And it’s instantly downloadable so a night of Hawaiian fun is just around the corner.

This escape room game is one of the best Hawaiian themed gifts
Courtesy of FountainOfSleuth

24. Li Hing powder

As you can tell from the name, li hing powder originates from China. This extract from dried plum seed was brought to Hawaii buy immigrants who came to work on the Hawaiian sugar cane plantations and it soon became a local favorite.

Li hing powder packs an explosion of flavor and is sprinkled on fresh pineapple, popcorn and shave ice. It has a very distinct flavor that every seasoned – no pun intended – Hawaii traveler will recognize.

Li Hing powder is one of the best food gifts from Hawaii

25. Mail a coconut

Now here’s a special delivery that’s guaranteed to leave your friend or loved one impressed.

Order a hand-painted coconut directly from Molokai. It doesn’t come in a package but instead, the postage goes right onto the coconut.

Not only are these coconuts truly authentic Hawaiian gifts from Hawaii, they also make great Hawaiian souvenirs.

One of the best aloha gifts from Hawaii is mailing a handpainted coconut
Courtesy of Postanut

26. Hawaii T-shirt

Spread your love for the islands with this breezy t-shirt. The colors are fun yet classy and the t-shirt goes great with just about any casual outfit.

The small business that designed it is located in Hilo on the Big Island.

Hawaii t-shirt
Courtesy of KahanaClothing

Or check out these other cool t-shirt designs:

27. Passport holder

This colorful aloha passport holder is a great Hawaii gift idea for everyone traveling to the islands. It’s fun and functional, providing ample space for your travel documents and (frequent flyer) cards.

It’s the perfect Hawaiian travel companion and one of the best gifts for a Hawaiian trip.

Aloha passport holders one of the best gifts Hawaii
Courtesy of SevenIsland

28. Christmas ornaments

If you can’t celebrate Christmas in Hawaii, then simply add a touch of Hawaii to your Christmas decoration at home.

There’s a wide range of Christmas ornaments to pimp your Christmas tree. Check out these enchanting hula dancers made of local reclaimed koa wood or mango wood, don’t they look amazing? Mele Kalikimaka!

Not only do these ornaments make for excellent Hawaii Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones, they’re also wonderful souvenirs from Hawaii to bring back home.

Hawaii Christmas ornaments are made out of koa wood or mangod wood and are perfect souvenirs of Hawaii
Courtesy of PONOcreations

Or check out these other awesome Christmas ornaments and decorations from Hawaii:

29. Hawaiian alaea sea salt

This powerful blend of iron-rich Hawaiian sea salt and mineral-rich volcanic alaea clay adds a wonderful earthy taste to grilled seafood and meat, to soup or poke.

Hawaiian alaea salt is renowned for its health benefits and traditionally used in healing rituals

Alaea sea salt in a coconut shell

30. Nintendo Switch skin

Make your Switch pop! This wrapping vinyl will transport its player to the islands in no time without distracting from the actual game.

The colorful pattern is wrapped in a heat-resistant matte finish for a functional yet stylish design.

Hawaii themed switch skin
Courtesy of DESIGNandPRINTpro

Which of these Hawaiian gifts caught your eye?

That’s a wrap! We’re confident that the Hawaii gift inspiration in this guide will fuel anticipation of a first visit or evoke memories of a previous trip to the islands.

Now, we can’t wait to find out which of these fabulous gifts of Hawaii enchanted you most and which one you will gift to your family and friends!

Feel free to add some Hawaii travel tips while you’re at it. The comment box is all yours.

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Silhouette of palm trees against a backdrop of pink clouds and a dark sky
Dark palm trees with Hawaii gift guide lettering

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